Alarm Management

To streamline Alarm Management and make it easier to debug and focus on highest-priority alarms, each alarm captured by Nirmata is organized by category and severity. Alarm lists may be filtered using Search functionality to further limit results.

There are three primary alarm categories:

  • Applications: alarms triggered by application components (Application, Pods etc.)
  • Clusters: alarms triggered by cluster components (Cluster, Nodes etc.)
  • Policy Violations: alarms reported by due to policy violations in your clusters

Within each alarm category, there are four severities:

  1. Critical
  2. Major
  3. Minor
  4. Informational

To access alarms:

  1. Click on Alarm in the sidebar menu.


  1. Click on an Alarm Category card to view all of the alarms within the category.

  2. Click on a Severity grouping on an Alarm Category card to view alarms with specific severity.

The number of alarms in each segment is displayed on the Alarm Category card.


To filter the results in the Alarm list, use the Search box at the top of the alarm listing.