Patch Policy

A patch policy allows you to override settings in your Kubernetes Resource manifests for a selected namespace. For example, if you want to use specific load balancer settings for certain applications you can configure a patch policy for the Service Resource to add annotations for Load Balancer settings.

To create a patch policy, you need to provide:

  • Name: Name of the policy
  • Resource Type: Kubernetes resource type
  • Namespace Selector: Selects the namespace to which this policy will be applied
  • Patch Operations: The operation that should be performed on the selected resource

To add a patch operation, you need to provide:

  • Path: The path for the property in the Kubernetes resource (e.g. /metadata/annotations/
  • Operation: The operation that needs to be performed. Possible operations are: add, replace, remove
  • Value Type: The type of the value. Possible types are: text, number, json string
  • Value: The actual value to apply

How to Create a New Patch Policy

Click on Policies in the sidebar menu and select Patch Policies. Click on the + Add Patch Policy button.


Name the Patch Policy and then choose a Resource Type, and Service Selector and click Add.


The new policy is displayed.